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Friday, 27 September 2013

Keep on Running

The Mail online today features two stories concerned with running. Such stories always draw my eye as I am, in my imagination at least, something of a runner myself (true, if you've ever seen me lumbering through our twice weekly 4.5 mile run you might be justified in snorting derisively, but I'm sure you wouldn't be that unkind).
The first article is a rather sneering and contemptuous piece about the Chief Police Constable for Cleveland who in a show of solidarity with her officers took, and promptly failed, the fitness test. Embarrassing, but kudos to her for giving it a go and let's not forget, she's unlikely to be sprinting through the streets after miscreants in the line of her duties. Nevertheless, her street cred would recover some ground if she could get fit in the next few weeks and subsequently ace the test.
The unfortunate Chief PC might take inspiration from the other story in the Mail concerning the activities of grandmother of two, Mimi Anderson who is something of an endurance race legend. Not content with completing the Badwater Ultramarathon, running 135 miles through Death Valley, then turning around and doing it all over again, she now plans to undertake the Spartathlon, running 153 between Sparta and Athens, then back again.
As much as I admire her, I can't help but think she ought to arrange for a friend to give her a lift back to save her that return run.

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