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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Progress Report

The preparations for Lucky Dip are drawing closer to their final stages. The latest edit is now finished, and the manuscript has been passed on to the next editor for a final check. Then the whole thing will be ready to be converted into digital format ready for submission to Kindle.
So now my attention can return to writing for the third in the QT Anthologies series. I have ten stories so far that make the grade, plus a raft of others in the making, but progress stalled thanks to our holiday and work on Lucky Dip. Hopefully now I can get back into a routine of story writing, which is, after all, what I love doing.
I'll keep you updated with progress, and I will of course give you fair warning of any promotions coming up in the near future. But for now, it's back to searching for inspiration and those quirky somethings that deliver stories worthy of QT.

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