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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Motorhome Hunting

We recently decided that saving every penny we had to limit the damage caused by our useless endowment mortgage was using up the best of our productive lives. Our other investments will hopefully deal with any overhang from the mortgage, but right now we want to return to motorhoming while we're still young and healthy. It was a momentous decision, more so for me I suspect, as I'm one of nature's worriers.
Since reaching our decision, we've poured over dealer's websites, magazines, even Ebay, searching for that perfect van. We've seen plenty of horrors, a couple of beautiful vans that were just a little too expensive, and a glut of mediocrity. It's taken us a long time to save this money, mediocrity just isn't going to cut it. So, we're still saving, we're still looking, and we're hoping that with winter coming, the dealers might start to lower prices or be more amenable to offers.
One van that is far from mediocre is the Terrawind amphibious motorhome. It's huge, it's ridiculously glam, and you can drive it into a lake and float around in it. The reasoning behind it might be a bit hazy, and the price tag certainly puts our mortgage woes into proper perspective, but once seen it's hard to forget.
I wonder how amenable they'd be to an offer ...

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