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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Doodles to Artwork

There's something about picking up a sharpened pencil and a fresh clean sketch pad. I love to draw. I'm not especially talented, I don't kid myself about that, but I still find a sketch pad and a good 2B pencil hard to resist.
Having seen the Mail's article about Ramon Bruin's creations, I suspect I shall be raiding the landing cupboard for my art materials this evening. He draws snakes and monsters that appear to leap out of the paper, moving from one sheet to the next. They're fantastic.
To be honest, I used to draw in a similar fashion, admittedly not to the same standard, in my science books at school. For some reason my teachers seemed to lack an appreciation for my particular art, but I maintain to this day that the odd snake or hand reaching out from some of the less exciting aspects of the endocrine system adds much needed interest.

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