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Friday 19 October 2012

Digging out the Happy News

There's been a lot in the news this week, but very little of it has been cheery enough to warrant a mention on the blog. There seems to be an endless supply of gloomy economic news, the ongoing shock revelations about Jimmy Savile (let's be honest, is anyone really surprised?), and ever more tales of the police making mistakes (I don't doubt that they do make mistakes, but the media has a nasty habit of judging hardest those people doing the toughest jobs).
Added to which, there's been absolutely no news on the motorhome front: the dealer websites haven't produced the gem we're looking for yet, meaning that particular thread of discussion remains dormant.
Thankfully the Mail has produced a heartwarming story to cheer everyone up for the weekend. It concerns paddle-boarder Charlie Head, who paused in the middle of an arduous row from Cornwall to London to rescue a poor stranded dog. How 'Bam-Bam' came to be stranded on rocks as the tide came in is a mystery, as is the location of his owner. Thank goodness the hero of the story happened to be paddling past at the right moment.

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