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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Fantasy Philanthropy

I often dream about what I would do if my numbers came up on the lottery. Naturally, I'd pay off the mortgage, buy a new car, replace the aged and overworked clothes in my wardrobe, etc. etc. A large part of the fantasy involves sharing my newfound wealth with my family, thereby dispatching all our money worries in one fell swoop.
And then I imagine all the other people who could be helped by a donation (anonymous of course, I'm modest that way!). All those people needing medical treatment, or who had Christmas ruined by a burglary, or the play group closing due to a drying up of funds - oh, the people I would help if only I won the lottery!
But then this morning, whilst still awaiting my big win, I read about someone who's already doing it. In the town of Braunschweig, a mysterious stranger is sneaking around leaving envelopes stuffed with money on the doorsteps of deserving people.
It's a great story, I just wish it could have been me! Now, what did I do with that lottery ticket?

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