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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Alternative Budget

Nick Ferrari (LBC) launched the search for a democratic budget on his radio show this morning, inviting listeners to phone in with their ideas for the budget. He then compiled his own budget incorporating as many of the suggestions as he could 'afford'. It sounded a little like the studio was disappearing beneath a veritable blizzard of hastily scrawled notes, but the end product does, I think, offer George Osborne something to think about. (I suspect he won't be too worried about the future of his position!)
Favourites among the ideas were the daily £1 levy on every single traffic cone placed public roads by companies, thereby encouraging them to complete roadworks faster whilst also raising much needed funds. A 10% increase in nurses' pay, plus a box of chocolates on their birthday, sounded reasonable too!
For his full, listener inspired budget, here's the link:

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