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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Lost Cuddly Companions

My gorgeous daughter lost a sheep when she was small. The fact that it was a Beany Baby sheep rather than a real one made the loss no less great. I retraced our steps in a desperate bid to find him, without success. I struggled to find meaningful words of comfort for her. She missed him and she was worried for his safety, but I wasn't sure that telling her he had probably been found by someone kind who was taking care of him was really what a grief-struck two/ three year old wanted to hear. All these years on, I still occasionally find myself looking for that lost Beany Baby.

So the plight of poor Ruby who lost Mr Rabbit in London on Saturday struck a chord with me and, it would seem, several others. Ruby's mum tweeted a plea for help in locating her daughter's lost companion, and now thousands of people are looking out for Mr Rabbit. Indeed, a rabbit was found but turned out to be an impostor, but it's surely only a matter of time before the real one is found.

If only Twitter and Facebook had been around when Lamby went missing. Still, better late than never: if you happen to have found a small beany lamb in Scarborough sometime around 1994/5, probably in the general area of Falsgrave, I know a certain person who would be very pleased to hear from you. Sadly I can't find a photograph of him, but use your imaginations. He was white (ish), fleecy, and stuffed with beans, and he sort of resembled a sheep in a rather fluffy and well cuddled sort of way.

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