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Friday 15 November 2013

An Evening With Reginald D Hunter

I am still here, honestly! I've been writing intensively for the last few weeks and, as such, haven't really had any news to add to the blog. The good side of that is that progress of third book of the Boldre Wood Trilogy is moving apace and I'm pretty pleased with how it's all coming together. The bad side is, I haven't had time to write any short stories for the QT website.

I did take some time off yesterday because we managed to get some tickets to see Reginald D Hunter at the Town Hall. I've only previously seen him on television and I've always enjoyed his humour, but some of the reviews of his 'In The Midst of Crackers' tour had been pretty scathing. Some commenters seemed utterly appalled and outraged by his material. It led me to wonder if the genial, gently intellectual funnyman I'd seen on TV morphed into an obnoxious, foul-mouthed, chauvinistic monster when on stage. I was pretty nervous taking my seat last night.

The warm-up act was Canadian comedian Peter Johansson. He was great, and he has an interesting admiration for bears - I could never do this credit, you'd have to hear it for yourself. Then Reginald D Hunter took the stage. Far from being a monster, he was thought-provoking, funny, deep, the kind of man you'd like to spend a whole evening just listening to. It was an uplifting and inspiring evening, and I'm even more of a fan than before.

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