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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Seal of Approval?

Allow me to set a scene, you're sculling along in your boat on a leisurely 25 mile trip from Woodbridge to Ipswich - okay, if you're anything like me, sculling 25 miles is pretty incomprehensible, but it's important to the story so stay with me.

So there you are, paddling along, when suddenly a seal appears beside you. That would be nice enough, but then the seal jumps on board your boat and lies down to have a little snooze while you do all the work. Well that's what happened to Terry Davey. He says he managed to complete his journey in five hours, 30 minutes of which was in the company of his new friend. He said of the trip, 'I'd have done it a lot faster without that bloomin' seal!'

I suspect there could be a few more intrepid scullers out there over the coming days hoping for a similar encounter.

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