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Friday 1 August 2014

Creating a New Look

I have been mulling a change for some time. I'm not about to dye my hair green or have a dragon tattooed across my back (I confess, at dull moments I have imagined such things, don't tell Mum!), but I do think it's time for an update of QT. As much as I love my books logo, it's possible they've done their job and deserve a peaceful retirement to a quiet shelf where they can reflect upon their heady days in the spotlight.

With QT3 nearing completion and work underway on the graphics for the book, it seems like a good time to get to work on a new image. It's a little scary, but it's time for something brighter. With that in mind, we've been working on new cover designs for the QT Anthology series. Details aren't finalised yet, but the new design is bolder and simpler, and perhaps a tad whimsical:

The new QT design, featuring a reader lazing beneath a wonky tree on a hill

There's a lot more work ahead before the new design can be rolled out across the range, not least because I have no idea how to incorporate an entire tree into the blog and website! But updated covers for QT1 and QT2 should coincide with the launch of QT3, whose title, as you might see from the picture, is 'Stories of Serendipity'.

The final edit of the latest collection is underway, so the launch of the third book should be fairly soon. Watch this space for details.


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