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Monday 3 March 2014

Puzzle Games

I use my Samsung tablet for various things in day to day life. I plan artwork on it, I tap out story ideas on it, and once the days work is done, I play games on it. I'm not fond of popping bubbles, or matching gems, though I can be tempted to lengthy Sudoku or Mahjong sessions, but I've spent many hours trawling the Google Play Store for something to really get my teeth into.

I've long had a thing for mystery/ puzzle games, a penchant that grew from the excellent Myst series for the PC, which were set in mystical lands navigated by means of solving puzzles and problems. It's a genre like no other for capturing the imagination, but sadly such games take a lot of developing and many of the big games companies have steered away from them.

But then I stumbled across Fireproof Games during one of my desperate hunts. Fireproof have two games out, 'The Room' and 'The Room Two' which hark back to a time when games were built to enchant, to confound, to challenge. The graphics are astounding, the controls simple and intuitive, and the puzzles tricky enough to entertain without being so frustrating you're tempted to throw your tablet out of the window.

I'm checking their website daily for any sign of 'The Room Three' because, quite frankly, I need another quality puzzle game. Urgently.

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