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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Another Great Ad

It's no secret that this is very much an Apple household. Apples featured early in my computing career, and subsequent experience of Windows and it's endless updates and inevitable slowdowns confirmed to me that Apple was better. It's a matter of opinion, and many people hold the reverse opinion just as vehemently. (I'm right and they're wrong of course, but as long as they're happy who am I to judge?)
But there is one thing I've never understood about all things Apple, and that's the habit of its diehard fans of queueing for hours, sometimes days, outside their shops to be the first to purchase their latest gadgets. I don't get that. Not least because I hate shopping, but also because I would rather wait until a gadget has been out for a while and all the bugs have been ironed out. I'd rather let the gadget junkies deal with issues of exploding batteries, dodgy aerials, and software glitches. Some people want to own the first one, I want to own the one that works.
Enough already, the point is, all that silliness obviously confounds other people too. So much so, that when Somersby Cider decided to make an advertisement, they came up with a spoof of an Apple launch. Of particular note are the docking system and interface.

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