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Friday, 7 December 2012

Fantasy Fort Episode Three

Okay, so in my fantasy world, I've found a few million quid down the back of the sofa, convinced the owners of Spitbank Fort to sell it to me, and I've purchased my vital escape craft. Now I can turn my attention to the more interesting elements, such as sitting up top with the firepit roaring, a nice glass of wine, watching all the ships sailing gracefully by.
But one of the irritations with watching the ships is working out who they are, what they carry, where they're going etc. Marine Traffic Live Ships Map to the rescue! This website uses the ships' AIS transponders to track their position. Clicking on a ship brings up a window with information about the vessel, its speed and course, and usually a picture. One word of caution, it's pretty addictive if you have any interest at all in ships.
Hm, I wonder if they have cable internet on the fort.

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